Be apart of what you love. Fanhandle offered a unique space where influencers, celebrities, and leaders could engage with their communities on their own terms. Tailored to meet specific needs, the platform allowed community leaders to choose from a range of features to best connect with their followers.

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Tree images of device displaying different screen types of the Reperio service mobile application

My Role

As Chief Creative, I played a central role in various key areas of the company. My responsibilities included supporting outreach to potential clients and collaborating closely with engineering and business teams to design and define the product and its features. I also worked directly with clients in Hollywood, the professional sports sector, and the modeling industry, contributing significantly to the successful launch of their online communities.

Key Skills





Reframing the ask:
Systemizing collateral

Developing Fanhandle involved coordinating many intricate parts, especially when it came to engaging with potential clients. Recognizing that a platform for fans needs influential individuals and entities with substantial followings, our focus shifted towards creating compelling sales collateral and creative work tailored to each prospect. Systematically approaching this collateral significantly improved our efficiency and effectiveness.

Leveraging my comprehensive understanding of the design tools available at the time, I delved into the use of components and design systems. This approach streamlined the customization of assets, enabling us to present personalized and persuasive visuals to potential clients. By doing so, we could more effectively demonstrate the unique value of Fanhandle, showcasing how it could cater to their specific needs and those of their fans.

Our happy client Jordana Brewster posing with her new community.
(That's me on the AMA)

& Platform

Images of the Guided Screening ApplicationIA of device hardware and connectivity Technical diagram of hardware and applicationconnectivity
Images of the Reperio Guided Screening Application.
IA of kit hardware and interactions with other pieces.
High level screen shot of a prototype for rapid testing.
Progression of technical diagrams for hardware and application connecivity
Example of design system work implemented.

The Goal:
Design engaging visuals for clients &
creating product concepts for their audiences

Many of our clients at Fanhandle initially lacked extensive branding, particularly in terms of visual identity and digital presence tailored to their communities. A rewarding aspect of the design process was collaborating with these clients to explore various creative directions and discover a style that truly resonated with them and their followers. Our role extended beyond merely facilitating the use of Fanhandle's platform; we served as a comprehensive digital concierge.

This encompassed a broad range of services, from managing social media profiles and scheduling posts to designing unique digital products aligned with their interests. By doing so, we not only helped our clients craft a distinct digital identity but also provided tailored solutions that enhanced their engagement with their communities.

Product Design

Creative Direction

Frontend Development

Rapid Prototyping

Design System

Production Design

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