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First Orion is one of the fastest-growing telecommunications technology providers in the world. They power telecom security for some of the worlds biggest brands and are the leader in branded calling products.

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Tree images of device displaying different screen types of the Reperio service mobile application

My Role

As the Director of UX/UI and occasionally stepping into the role of Creative Director, I had the opportunity to be deeply involved in a wide array of projects within the company. My role was dynamic and multifaceted, allowing me to dive in and pinpoint exactly what each project needed at any given time. Whether it was leading a design team, collaborating across departments, or innovating on the creative front, I embraced each challenge with a strategic and hands-on approach, ensuring that every project not only met but exceeded our standards and goals.

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Visual Design
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In the fast-paced world of startups, versatility is key, and as Director of UX/UI, I was no stranger to wearing multiple hats. However, managing diverse roles across fully developed products and rapidly expanding teams was an entirely new challenge. My contributions went beyond traditional UX/UI; I played a pivotal role in defining both our technological direction and the company's brand identity. This journey led me from crafting branding elements to navigating the technical complexities of asset delivery in telecommunications, including the innovative concept of branding a phone call.

Working in close collaboration with technical experts, business strategists, and product leaders, I balanced high-impact deliverables that were critical to various aspects of the company and its partnerships, including our collaboration with T-Mobile. This role was not just a test of my adaptability; it was a significant opportunity to drive the company's growth and evolution in multiple key areas.

Branding &
Branded Calls

Images of the Guided Screening ApplicationIA of device hardware and connectivity
Images of the Reperio Guided Screening Application.
IA of kit hardware and interactions with other pieces.

The goal:
Create a branded calling solution and understand the limitations and best practices for assets.

When I first learned about this project, I was struck by the realization that we were turning a cutting-edge concept into reality. As I delved deeper, it became crucial to navigate the technical requirements and understand the inherent limitations. My approach drew parallels to my previous work with web and flash ads, where creative messaging had to fit within specific size constraints. A similar principle applied to designing incoming call assets, with the added challenge of defining a safe space from the native dialer UI across many phone types, operating systems and considering asset size limitations.

One of the most exhilarating breakthroughs in this design research was exploring the possibility of transmitting motion assets through a phone call. We discovered that using Lottie files, it was indeed feasible to send these assets alongside the call data. Although this innovation didn't fully scale, it represented one of the most challenging and enjoyable design puzzles I've encountered. This project not only tested my design skills but also pushed the boundaries of what I thought was possible, greatly enriching my experience as a designer.

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Visual Design

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