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Reperio offers a convenient at-home biometric health screening service, delivering instant results for key metrics like lipids, glucose, and cholesterol. Our easy-to-use kits, integrating our proprietary hardware with medical devices and smartphone connectivity, guide users through quick self-screenings. After use, kits are returned, thoroughly cleaned, and prepared for reuse, ensuring safety and hygiene.

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Tree images of device displaying different screen types of the Reperio service mobile application

My Role

I contributed to multiple areas of the product and service, focusing primarily on the user-facing applications for screening guidance and results interpretation, as well as internal products for hardware connectivity, quality and sanitization processes. While I utilized a broad range of skills, these areas were where I made the most significant impact and felt my expertise was most effectively applied.

Key Skills





Reframing the ask:
Combining Efficiency

At Reperio, our focus extends beyond being a medical service and platform; at our core, we are committed to clearly conveying new and at times complex information to users. This ensures they feel confident and competent, both in using our services and in preparing our hardware. Such an approach significantly enhances the experience of our users and employees, while also advancing key performance indicators and business goals, especially in speed and efficiency. Ultimately, excelling in this area is pivotal in strengthening brand trust and elevating the overall product experience.

A video demonstration of Reperio MVP kit lifecycle.

Guided Screening

Images of the Guided Screening ApplicationIA of device hardware and connectivity Technical diagram of hardware and applicationconnectivity Screen shot of prototype layout for rapid testing of a feature.Example of some of the design system work.
Images of the Reperio Guided Screening Application.
IA of kit hardware and interactions with other pieces.
High level screen shot of a prototype for rapid testing.
Progression of technical diagrams for hardware and application connecivity
Example of design system work implemented.

The Goal:
Increasing completion metrics
& visualizing hardware connectivity.

From the initial MVP of the Reperio screening service, we gleaned numerous insights, particularly regarding the blood test process. A major challenge was balancing the need for comprehensive user instruction without the desire to require lengthy videos to progress. To address this, we introduced options for users to access detailed instructions either in advance or just before starting their screening, empowering them to preemptively resolve questions and issues they may have. This change would significantly enhance the completion rate and user experience.

Additionally, we reevaluated our approach to creating guided steps and their accompanying assets. Transitioning from traditional GIF animations to the more dynamic and flexible Lottie technology proved highly successful, reducing package size and increasing adaptability for diverse business needs. Our in-house video production focused on complex steps, allowing us to highlight crucial details effectively. The use of rapid prototyping facilitated quick and efficient testing of these iterations.

Information Architecture

Product Design

Rapid Prototyping

Creative Direction

Motion Design


Design Systems

Video editing

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